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There are many names for a home heating system that is based on heating water and sending it through a distribution system to keep your home warm and comfortable. There are not many reliable, proficient, competent technicians to work on this type of heating system in the Denver area. If you have a boiler system in your home, and have had a service issue, then you may have had a challenging time finding a company with qualified professionals as your Go-to-Guys.
To complicate matters further, it starts to get a lot more technical if your system has experienced a major failure requiring the need to replace the system, who are you going to call?

Horizon is a Hydronic Heating specialist, which follows all the best practices required to properly update a hot water heating system, and provide a very high quality finished product, that is quiet, comfortable, reliable, serviceable, and energy efficient.

For simplicity sake, let’s use the term Boiler which encompasses all the names listed above. If you are contemplating replacing your boiler, which is a much more comfortable position to be in than “Needing to replace”, let’s discuss some of the ancillary components and scope of work.

Does your boiler look similar to this?


Or maybe more like this?


The boiler on the left is wrapped in Asbestos. The Asbestos will need to be professionally removed prior to the installation of a new boiler. You can oversee the abatement process yourself or allow the heating contractor take care of this process for you. The boiler on the right does not have asbestos and will not require any additional permitting other than the boiler permit for the replacement.

Do you have radiators?


Or do you have baseboards?


A qualified boiler replacement estimator will know how to calculate the heating capacity required of the new boiler based on the output capacity presently installed your home, as well as determining from your own experiences, if what is currently installed was performing as you would have liked or if improvements would be recommended to increase your comfort. If you don’t see the estimator measuring output in each room of your home, they are not performing the proper, full calculations. No matter how nice and knowledgeable the estimator seems, or how many “projects just like this” that they have done, it would be in your best interest to move on to another company, that has more expertise in the matter. Because honestly, if a company is willing to shortcut the necessary steps required to even come up with a plan, when they are trying to “earn” your business, what are they going to shortcut during your project with the going gets tough?

The vast majority of boilers have distribution components that are not accessible. When designing and creating the layout of the new system it is important to have a design in which system pumps, zone control valves, air elimination devices, as well as components unique to your install can be maintained, and serviced without difficulty when needed. This requires experience, thoughtfulness, and pre-planning on the part of your contractor to make this happen. It may cost a bit more upfront for these built in efficiencies, however it pays you back many times over, over the life of the boiler system, which is a major benefit of using a Hydronic specialist.

Example of a heating distribution “board” built by Horizon Services.

Example of a heating distribution “board” built by Horizon Services.

We are experts in the renovation of older less efficient boiler systems. We update the system to more modern Hydronic piping practices to ensure the systems continue to operate quietly, safely and efficiently.

Here is an example of our well planned, modern and quiet operation “boards”. We will work with you and the layout of your mechanical room to design and build a custom board to address the unique needs of your home and the boiler we are installing.


Boiler systems are available in 80% and 90% efficiency. Our estimator will discuss the options available and help you determine which efficiency is best for you, your home, and your budget. We will ask you questions about your current system, about present comfort levels, as well as what your future plans for the home are (perhaps your hot water needs are increasing due to a growing family and you would you like to incorporate a high recovery domestic water tank to the boiler). Are you planning on adding additional floor space to the home? Our questions will help us uncover what system is best suited to you, your home and your future plans. We can help you make an informed, educated decision, when you are ready.

When you work with Horizon you will feel confident in our dedication to your project, our craftsmanship, our well intentioned processes, our amazing staff that is truly on your team, and our unmatched follow up. Our approach is comprehensive and we do not leave anything on your shoulders. In addition to pulling permits, we also manage the inspection process for and with you. We will also register equipment warranties, complete (and mail) any applicable utility rebate paperwork, so you are sure to receive these funds in a timely manner. We provide (2) post installation walkthroughs (once with your lead installation tech, and once with your sales person on the day of your inspection) to ensure you fully understand all aspects of your new system and how best to use and maintain it.

Note below is from Michael H.  – Hale Court HOA


Hi Carolyn,

I wanted to let you know I was in town and able to swing by the place to look at our new boiler room.  Of course the work looked phenomenal. Everything looks top of the line and installed amazingly.  Certainly we would have preferred to not have such a massive problem to fix – but the work turned out amazing.  Thanks so much!!



For your convenience we also offer a variety of payment plans, including multi-year special financing available with approved credit, and will assist you with this process so it is easy to apply.

Please call us today for a free on-site consultation and proposal.

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