Buying an Air Conditioning System this season?

Is this the summer you are going to either add air conditioning to your home or replace your existing air conditioner? According to public data regarding homeownership, most homeowner’s purchase on average 1.5 air conditioning systems in their lifetime. Since this is an infrequent purchase, most homeowners use skills they have developed in making other more familiar purchases and apply it to this purchase process. Are you aware of the fact that 50% of how an air conditioner operates is affected by installation? It is a good idea to know the company that you are going to hire for the job. Many people are under the misconception that the model, brand and size of unit to be installed are the most important facts of the purchase. They also think that as they look at proposals they are comparing “apples to apples”.  The integrity of the installation company, the skills of the installer, quality of the ancillary components used, the way the system works and cools your home, and the follow up afterward are the things you will remember long after the installation. Do you want good memories? If so, then the integrity of the company and their track record should be the first item on your list to investigate.

Let’s start with “who” Horizon Services is, then we can delve into how you can apply this benchmark to companies in your area. Horizon Services is a boutique heating and air conditioning service provider. The word boutique is descriptive of our style and level of expertise. We specialize in truly, one of a kind installation using state of the art equipment and installation practices.  It is our focus on integrity and taking care of our customers that sets us apart and creates a boutique style business. At Horizon Services we have NATE Certified Technicians on staff to install the air conditioner at your home. They have been trained to take the time during the installation to perform the manufacturer’s recommended start up. Because of our high quality installation and proper commissioning of the system, you will get what you purchased; a system that performs to manufacture specifications, is reliable and operates at the lowest possible decibel level. At Horizon Services our service technicians receive 50+ hours of training every year.

When you purchase a system from Horizon Services you are not exposed to any risk as to whether or not you will get a well designed and installed system. The Trane Company sends out a survey to every homeowner after we have performed a service call or an installation. The survey asks about all aspects of their encounter with Horizon Services. They ask questions regarding their experience from the time the first call is placed to our office, through the work, the follow up, our respect for our customer’s home, the price of the work performed and their overall impression of the service people, the work and the company. Horizon Services is the only company on the web site within a 5 state region with 100% satisfaction rating from our customers! That means that EVERY customer was satisfied with the service, the installation and the people at Horizon Services.

You may be wondering if a boutique service provider has elite pricing searching for financially elite homeowners. The answer is no we are not. Our prices are competitive; it is our workmanship that is in the elite category. We tend to attract homeowners who are looking for a company they can trust to do a great job, every time they call us. Our customers want a company that will do a complete job from start to finish while showing the utmost respect for their home, family and pets.

Now the question is what kind of a buyer are you? Do you like to have the job done completely and well the first time? Are you looking for comprehensive service or do you tend to shop for the lowest price and expect quality service? Do you trust your gut? Do you think you can trust the person in your home making a presentation because they seem like they know what they are doing and they seem trustworthy to you? Are you working under the assumption that you can look at proposals and compare “apples to apples”?

The best way to learn about a company is to ask your friends what company they used. It is also a good idea to call previous customer’s and get their opinions. We can provide you with names and phone numbers. Have a list of questions before you call them. Ask questions regarding:

  1. Their evaluation of the overall job
  2. Their satisfaction with temperature in their home
  3. The cleanliness of the work
  4. The respect shown for their home, family, pets etc
  5. The permit and inspection process
  6. Would they use them again?

If you are in the market to replace an air conditioner or add one to your home, we offer free on-site estimates. We will do a complete heat gain calculation as well as gather information regarding the ductwork in your home. To complete a heat gain calculation we measure every window in your home, measure exterior wall space and height of ceiling. This information will assist us in determining how much heat your home takes in during a hot summer day and what size air conditioning we need to install to overcome the heat entering your home. We will clearly communicate what you can expect the system to achieve and how best to use it. Our goal is that you will select us for the installation and then become a customer for as long as you live in the Denver area. Give us a try. There is no risk.

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