Commercial Plumbing Service and Repair in Denver

Same Day Service – Regular Rates 7 Days a Week, 7AM to 7PM – 24hr Emergency Service

General Plumbing Services

Horizon provides plumbing service and repairs for your office or business 7 days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm, all at regular rates, and we offer after hours emergency service with a live answering service, so we are there when you need us. Water Heater repairs, due to no hot water, water leaks on a pipe, faucet drips or perhaps that outside or warehouse mounted water hose faucet is leaking again, we can handle it all. We are locally owned and operated and ready to serve.

Backflow Prevention and Protecting Our Drinking Water

Backflow prevention is a crucial step to protecting our drinking water, and ensuring it stays safe. A domestic water piping system provides a pathway for fluids to flow in a system, and cross connection has the potential to cause contamination of our drinking water. Contamination can come from a number of sources such as Industrial, agricultural, and utility processes, as well as from heating plants or freeze protection all of which could be hazardous to the population, and it is imperative that only properly trained individuals are allowed to service or modify these systems.

The State of Colorado adopted the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 and has been improving upon it ever since. This Act requires that backflow prevention devices be installed and maintained by a Certified Backflow Tester annually to prevent backflow/potential contamination from occurring.

There are many different systems in use between industrial, commercial and residential use. Also to be considered in residential systems water pressure, thermal expansion, and vacuum breakers (such as for use on an outdoor hose faucet) connected to garden hoses.

Horizon Services is proud to announce that our Plumbing Division is now certified to test these backflow prevention devices in the Denver Metro area as of 2014. Our focus is on residential and commercial backflow, pressure control, thermal expansion and vacuum breaker systems.

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