Denver Furnace Repair Replacement and Installation

We provide the service, repair and installation of Residential and Light Commercial (ie: Retail Storefronts) heating equipment (HVAC). We are able to service and repair all makes and models of furnaces, such as Trane, Lennox, American Standard, Carrier, York, Rheem, Ruud, Goodman, among several others. This includes home heating systems and rooftop mounted package units, referred to as RTU’s. We typically install Trane equipment in replacement situations.

Furnace Tune-up / Clean & Check

furnace-repair-denverWe perform a written 25 point inspection on Denver furnaces that is created electronically and emailed to you for your records, we also have a copy so that a technician can monitor trends and let you know in advance to help avoid or eliminate any potentially unexpected emergency repairs.

Furnace Questions to Ask

  • Is the thermostat allowing you to control the system?
  • Is there power to the thermostat?
  • Does your thermostat maybe require batteries, that may have gone bad?
  • Can you hear the system trying to operate at all?
  • Can you feel air coming out of the air vents along the perimeter walls of your home?
  • Does the air feel cool coming out of the vents?
  • Has the air filter been replaced recently?
  • Is the power switch on the side of the furnace turned on?
  • Is there a Fault being displayed (a flashing green or red light) through the little round window on the lower compartment door of your furnace?

If system is not responding, please call Horizon Services for further assistance. Horizon Services is a 7 day a week service company, from 7 am to 7 pm we are open and charge regular rates during these times. We also have a Live Answering Service for after hours calls and offer 24 hour emergency service outside of those regular extended business hours of 7 am to 7 pm.

Types of Furnaces We Install, Repair or Service in Denver, CO

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled professionals that are able to service and repair all makes and models of furnaces throughout the Denver metroplex. Some major manufacturers that you may have heard of are: Trane, Lennox, American Standard, Carrier, York, Rheem, Ruud, Goodman, and several others. Most equipment that is available is of pretty good quality, some have more bells and whistles than others, some are built to last longer, some are more technology based.

We typically install Trane furnaces in replacement situations, where repair of an older furnace is no longer warranted.

Furnace Replacement Process

So you have decided to replace your furnace and now you want to be educated on the process and you want to be an informed consumer. For most homeowners this is a purchase that is not familiar to them and therefore it is uncomfortable. What Brand, what efficiency, which is the “best” for me and my home? What does it cost? What questions should I ask? How can I compare bids? Bottom line – how can I be sure I am not getting ripped off?

We understand and we are ready to assist you. Where to start? Research the contractor first. The company you ultimately select to complete this project is who you will have a long-term relationship with. The installation company, their processes, employees, honesty, and technical ability will make all the difference in your comfort, the operating cost of the equipment, peace of mind, and value for your investment. A company with good processes and technically trained employees will provide greater value for your investment. So, what are some good strategies to implement to research the integrity of a contractor?

  1. Ask those you trust for a referral.
  2. Look up company on Colorado Secretary of State web site to verify they are in good standing with the state.
  3. Call and talk with a few contractors
    1. Is the phone answered by a person or machine?
    2. Were they helpful and knowledgeable?
    3. If “Service” is important to you, maybe try after 5 pm to see if you had an emergency what you could expect from the service provider.
    4. Were they helpful and knowledgeable?
    5. Did you either speak to the person who will come out to visit you and your and your home? How did you feel about the conversation?

Scheduling a Site Assessment with Horizon

At Horizon Plumbing, Heating and Air we want to earn your business and be deserving of your trust. From your first phone call to the time the last employee leaves your home we want you to know you have received a level of service and professionalism second to none. When you call Horizon to schedule a site assessment and proposal to replace a furnace(s) you will have the opportunity to discuss your project with the person who will be coming to your home beforehand so you will know what to expect during visit, what we need to look, how long it could take, etc. Our comfort consultant will ask you questions about you and your home so we will have a good understanding of why you are replacing the furnace, what some of the challenges have been in temperature distribution, long term plans for your residence and any additional questions you may have about the process.

Options for Heating Systems and Furnaces in Denver

We can talk with you about furnace options, indoor air quality products (i.e: humidifiers, airborne particulate removal, air purification, zoning, duct cleaning, etc.), air conditioning, water heaters and additional services we provide. Our proposal will be accurate and all encompassing. We have guaranteed pricing, which means that once we start a project, the price will not change, unless you decide that something should be done differently later, that significantly effects your projects scope of work, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. At Horizon we take care of everything! We will apply for and obtain the necessary building permits and manage the inspection process with you. If the equipment qualifies for a utility rebate we will even mail it in for you. If you are wondering about your home and if we will care for it properly, rest assured we will. We take our Property Protection process, very seriously. Here are a couple of examples.


Home Heating and Furnace Replacement Done Right

furnace-replacementWhen it comes to the replacement of your homes heating system, the things that don’t show up on a list, for you to compare are all the little details that if not done properly, end up costing you a lot of money over a long period of time. For instance if a short cut is made or if a any part of the start-up of the new equipment is overlooked, you could be penalized over the life of the equipment, or as long as you are in your home, with excessive utility expenses.

When you chose Horizon your furnace will be commissioned by a NATE Certified Technician, following industry best practices, and in a lot of cases, we end up modifying many comfort and efficiency robbing conditions that exist in most homes, simply due to our expertise. The Lead Installation Technician (LIT) will complete a Pre-Installation walk through with you, to ensure that you understand what will be done, if you will need to be without water/hot water or power, and for how long, and to ensure that everything promised or discussed is covered, which would even include not letting Sparky get out.

Keeping You Informed During the Furnace Installation Process

furnce-service-technicianWe will also keep you informed during the installation, of our progress according to plan. During the Post-Installation walk through your LIT will explain the entire system and go through “how to’s” with you such as programming/operating the thermostat and air filter replacement/cleaning intervals. We will go over maintenance needs, equipment warranties, and we take the time to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Your Comfort Consultant will see you the day of the Inspection, by the City/County you reside in, to conduct a second post installation walk through, to ensure that everything promised/discussed was performed and to gather signatures needed to complete rebate paperwork for you, answer any additional questions you may still have, and to get feedback on your overall experience with our company, to see if there is anything we can improve upon, as that is the only way we know of to improve the delivery of our services apart from training and continual education.

completed-heating-system-installationAt Horizon, we are a fiscally responsible contractor. We pay all of our vendors every Thursday. We have long believed that how we care for our service providers, directly affects the level of service we can deliver for our clients, and that every business transaction needs to be mutually beneficial. As a result of our long standing business relationships, as a homeowner you know that you’re not risking a lean on your property from any of our providers. We are proud of this fact and we know it sets us apart.

Furnace Maintenance

The most important thing you can do is: Replace the furnace filter. If your furnace holds a 1” filter, it should be changed monthly. Put a reminder on your calendar. Change the filter every month like clockwork. Changing the filter helps keep the furnace motor clean and it also reduces the build up that occurs on the evaporator cooling coil, (this is the part of the air conditioner that is attached to the furnace itself). Keeping the system clean will help to keep your operating costs down.

Take a good look around the furnace area. Do you have cleaning supplies, paint cans or any other flammable items close to the furnace? It is important to keep flammable materials away from the furnace and the water heater. Both items are gas fired appliances. Make it easy to access the filter. Remove the clutter. It is dangerous and it inhibits your ability to change the filter as often as you should.

If you have a newer furnace, it is important to have a qualified service provider perform yearly maintenance. The manufacture reserves the right to refuse warranties on parts that have not been maintained properly. You can protect your investment with yearly maintenance.

If your furnace is not new you too will benefit from maintenance. With proper maintenance the furnace in your home will be operating at its peak efficiency. A service technician will test and evaluate the operation of the furnace. A trained, knowledgeable, NATE Certified Technician should give you a report about the condition of the different components of the furnace. By giving you a list showing how things are working compared to manufacture specifications, you can then make informed decision regarding repair and possible replacement prior to an emergency situation.

Maintenance performed by a NATE Certified Technician from Horizon Services will give you peace of mind. You will know the condition of your furnace and can make informed decisions.

A Willingness to Serve others, our People, our Processes, a Quality Installation in Every Home, Every Time.

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