Garage Door Repair in Denver

With all the daily household chores and errands going on around your home, it can be easy to put your garage towards the bottom of your care priority list. But when your garage door breaks, it can be a real pain (and an urgent problem). Your garage protects your car and other belongings and may even be an entryway into your home. If you’re in need of garage door repair, don’t delay! Garage door service isn’t expensive, and it can save you from more serious issues. Horizon Services provides a variety of household repair services, and we’re available seven days a week with same day service.


How Do I Know if I Need Garage Door Repair Service?

An occasional squeak or stutter is common with garage doors. They have many moving parts, and they tend to get a little tired with old age. But there are a few signs that your garage door is in some serious need of TLC:

The Door Won’t Operate

If your garage door refuses to open or close, this is an obvious red flag that it needs service. There are a number of reasons this could happen, the vast majority of which require professional repairs. Sometimes, it can be because of a bad connection between the door and control panel. Other times, it can be due to a mechanical malfunction. To be sure, check it once again, ensuring nothing is blocking the path of the door. If it still doesn’t work, call in a professional.

Excessive Noise

Older garage doors tend to sound a bit noisy when you open and close them, but if you notice yours is making excessive noise every time, there’s likely something wrong. Usually, this is due to a broken spring or an issue with the opener. It could be that your garage door itself is in poor condition, in which case you’ll need a replacement garage door.

Coming Off Its Tracks

If your garage door appears to be “rickety” while opening and closing, it could be coming off its tracks. The tracks keep the door in place as it operates, and can sometimes get jammed from a buildup of gunk or debris. If your door isn’t in good condition, this will only worsen the problem. Call a professional for garage door service if the door keeps coming off its tracks.

Sagging in the Middle

You should check your garage door often to make sure it’s properly balanced. When you stop the door while it’s halfway open, it should remain stationary without sagging or closing any further. If the door continues to close, there’s a problem with the spring. This is an urgent issue, as a sagging door can fall and be a hazard to people and objects in the way.


I’m Handy – Can’t I Fix the Door Myself?

It’s never advised to try and repair a garage door on your own. Garage doors work on a series of tension springs, rollers, and powerful motors. Tinkering with these types of mechanics can lead to injury, no matter how handy you are. You can perform a preliminary check on your own by looking over the cables, hinges, and rollers for damage, but you should never attempt to repair the door yourself. If you notice fraying cables, broken or dented hinges, or rollers that don’t operate smoothly, call a professional.

If your automatic or electronic garage door is giving you trouble, give Horizon Services a call today. We offer same day home repair services in Denver and the surrounding areas. We’re open seven days a week and provide 24 hour emergency service outside of our regular business hours. Protect your property and your family by having your garage door serviced or repaired as soon as possible.

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