I don’t want to know what’s in there!

A couple of months ago the newsletter included an article about drain cleaning. At that time we taped a video about drains, what clogs them and the different ways to clear them. Quite honestly the video wasn’t worth posting. One of the ways of clearing and cleaning the drainpipe entailed removing the trap from under the sink. In the video we talked about how to loosen this to get to that. How to clear what was obstructing the flow of water. YUCK! It was gross! It was difficult and time consuming. It was also risky.  So, in the end, the video was deleted.

The days following the taping of the two options for drain cleaning it became very clear that the second way is easy, effective and it smells nice! It is quite remarkable. The first process was gross and difficult the other way was using a biodegradable, safe, easy-to-use product. It is easy on the pipes and safe to put into the water system. Bio-clean was used as the alternative way to clear and maintain a drain. Here’s what happened. This product was super easy to use and amazingly effective.

When taping a video, there are usually a few retakes before it is satisfactory. As the videos were being taped and re-taped, we kept putting doses of Bio-Clean down the drain.
Although the video was scraped, we saw that the drain, which had a couple of doses of Bio-Clean was completely clear. That drain has been working like a champ ever since. Here we are, two months later, and it is still working like a champ.

So we are unveiling the new and improved video for drain clearing, cleaning and maintenance. It is not gross or difficult. This job does not require any tools, buckets, rags, or nose plug! Watch the video and call immediately afterwards to order Bio-Clean.  You will save yourself thousands of dollars in the future by caring for your drainpipes on an ongoing basis.

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