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Indoor Air Quality for your Business or Office

One of the first things to consider when it comes to handling indoor air quality issues at your office or business is the selection of the proper air filter for the type of environment that the equipment provides conditioned air to. The degree to which the filter removes particulates from the air is directly proportional to the length of time between maintenance or replacement interval that the filters in the equipment will require.

It is also important that the filters fit properly in the equipment, to ensure that the heat exchanger surfaces, such as coils, stay clean for as long as possible, thereby maintaining efficiencies to keep operational costs as low as possible. Determining that the proper amount of Make-up air is being provided to the conditioned area as well, will help to keep some potentially harmful indoor polutants down, such as carbon monoxide in a warehouse area, due to forklift operation, etc.

Utilizing energy saving devices such as economizers, to take advantage of free cooling, which often times tend to be neglected, bypassed or in some cases completely disconnected, which can sometimes happen when troubleshooting is being performed on a unit, but upon copmpletion, not recomissioned. Horizon has the ability to handle all of the above and more for your business or office.

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