Tax Credits & Rebates

One of our missions here at Horizon Plumbing, Heating and Air is to remain up to date on all the rebates and incentives that are available to our customers. In our typical, comprehensive fashion, we keep up with what is available and we make sure to complete all the steps to ensure you will actually receive the rebate!

Xcel Energy currently offers incentives to update your homes heating, air conditioning and water heater, to more energy efficient equipment. Offering early retirement incentives, in some cases, to replace existing (still operating) equipment before a major system failure occurs that would result in the need for new equipment. Many people wait until a major breakdown occurs, before considering the replacement of their homes comfort systems, and Xcel wants to ensure that they reward pre-planning for energy efficient upgrades.

If Xcel Energy is your gas and electric provider, they are offering their customers cash rebates. Rebates from Xcel Energy on Air Conditioners can be as high as $1000 (per system, Half of which is an Early Retirement Incentive). Rebates on gas furnaces can be as high as $220 (per system). Hot Water Heating or space heating that utilizes a Boiler can qualify for $100. Water Heater incentives vary from $70 to $450. We will always design the system that is best suited for your home and your needs. We will not design to simply qualify for the highest rebate as that is not always in your best interest.

At Horizon we strive for peak performance from the systems we install. We are proud to say we have hit our mark. Xcel Energy performs random tests on equipment post installation. There are four main areas evaluated that a homeowner cannot quantify when comparing competitive bids for new equipment.  The quality of the installation and ensuring that you get equipment that is “actually” performing to its rated standards once the installation is completed is something you can trust is included when you purchase from us. These four categories tested by Xcel Energy are:

1) Equipment Sizing – Sizing is determined as a result of a calculation of what your home needs to properly heat and cool your home in the Denver area, we call this a Load.

2) Airflow – Is a custom setting for your home that can only be made once the equipment is installed. This has a significant impact on the cost to run the equipment, the level of noise the system produces, the life expectancy of the new system, and ultimately the level of comfort the equipment can actually deliver. According to the Random testing done in 2012 by Xcel Energy 21% of the installations tested failed this portion of the test. Horizon received a perfect score so you can rest assured you will get the performance and comfort as promised.

3) Duct Leakage – Ductwork leaks air from your system and the end result is the air is not going where you need it to, or coming from where you need it to. Return Air leakage (negative pressure) can pull air from unconditioned crawlspaces, attics, exterior walls, etc. increasing the cost of operating your system, while also not removing air from where you need it most bedrooms, upstairs, etc. resulting in a loss of comfort. In addition there is air on the Supply side (positive pressure) gets lost to the basement, attic or crawlspaces where most ductwork is installed, resulting in higher operating costs, and reduced comfort to those areas. It is very important that ductwork is properly sealed so what you have paid the utility company to provide ultimately ends up going to the proper areas of your home.

4) Refrigerant Charge – This crucial step cannot be done properly unless 1) the equipment is sized properly, 2) Airflow is adjusted properly, and 3) Duct Leakage has been addressed. This step is the culmination of the years of training and experience our technicians possess, which really sets Horizon apart from other competitors in the Denver area. Last year Xcel Energy failed 31% of the systems they tested.

Each year Horizon has been awarded a certificate from Xcel Energy for achieving 100% accuracy in each of the four categories they test during these random inspections. An average of 64% of your homes energy savings comes from these Quality Installation measures. You get exactly what you have purchased from Horizon Plumbing, Heating and Air.

Call us today for more information regarding these incentives, as we are here to help.


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