Drain Cleaning Services

Horizon Services Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning offers only the best when it comes to drain cleaning services in the Denver area. You can relax knowing that the service will be done right, and clean, the first time, every time.

Drain Cleaners, for All of Denver

We supply our Service Professionals with top of the line equipment (protects your home and keeps your home clean during the service procedures) and the best training available. This assures that we provide the memorable Horizon experience our clients are accustomed to. Here is what you can expect when we arrive to relieve you of your clogged drain situation. Our service professional will show up on time with shoe covers and a smile. We will listen as you explain your concerns and we will ask questions to best diagnose the cause of your worries, so we can get to the “root” of your problem (Sorry, plumber humor).


Once we are confident in the source of the problem, we will present solution options for you. Once you have selected the option that best suits your particular needs, you can relax as your drain cleaning professional gets to work. We will start by laying down floor protection before we bring any equipment into your home. If the issue happens to be in an area where you might be concerned about the flooring, don’t worry, we have special rubber mats, and other coverings, to protect those surfaces.

Sparkling Clean, Drain Cleaning Machines

As we bring our machines in you will notice that they look brand new, that’s because they are, and our plumbers clean their machines daily to insure they stay that way, because we know that the cleaner our equipment is, the cleaner your home stays. You will notice how the machines have a fully enclosed drum to keep water on the inside, not on your floor. Our machines are also equipped with “Quiet” motors, so you are not disturbed during the service procedures. Once the work area is protected and the equipment is setup, your service professional will begin the process of alleviating those clogged drain worries.

Once your drains are restored and operating in a manner that meets with your approval we will begin the cleanup process, which includes removing all of the service equipment and floor protection. We will also utilize a cleaning solution to ensure the work area is left cleaner than we found it. Upon completion of the service your drain cleaning professional will offer a whole house plumbing inspection, determine if you have any additional concerns, and can provide you with a complete evaluation of your plumbing system, to help eliminate any unexpected stressful situations, before they happen.

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