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Littleton summers are often hot and dry while our winters can be snowy and bitterly cold. It’s no surprise, then, that an effective HVAC system is one of the top requirements for any Littleton home.

While your comfort during the hottest summer and coldest winter months is important, your family’s safety is even more so. Finding a company to provide regular upkeep and repairs for your home’s heating and air conditioning is important; finding a company to ensure its safety for everyone living in your home is essential. Horizon Services of Littleton is here to provide your home with the heating and air conditioning services you want, and ensure your system provides the safety you need.

Why Should You Choose Horizon Services?

Horizon Services of Littleton is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has been providing Denver-area customers with quality HVAC services since 1998. Our technicians receive regular training to ensure they are providing you with the best service available, and we are insured in the state of Colorado to guarantee you quality service every time. We will accept no substitute for excellent service, and neither should you.

We install quality Trane systems, and our technicians are well-versed in this and many other lines of heating and air conditioning systems. Our Trane products are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty of up to 12 years for some parts. In addition, the warranty extends to any prospective owners of your home, providing you with lasting property value.

Littleton Air Conditioning Services

Summers in Littleton are usually hot, making adequate air conditioning an essential for many homeowners. Our technicians can help you make sure your air conditioning system is working as well as possible to cool your home efficiently.

air conditioner service littleton
air conditioning repair littleton

Air Conditioner Repair Service

The last thing any Littleton homeowner wants to experience in the middle of a hot summer is a complete air conditioner breakdown. Too-hot conditions in your home can pose a health risk for some individuals, and repair of your system is often needed as quickly as possible. Call Horizon Services of Littleton and request an inspection if you notice either of these issues:

• Your air conditioner is blowing lukewarm air. Warm temperatures outdoors mean your air conditioner should be producing air that is much cooler to adequately cool your home. Warm air must be addressed by a technician.

• Your air conditioner’s airflow is weak. Even if the air produced is cool, a weak airflow is not cooling your home as it should. A technician should address this issue.

Our trained technicians can perform a service call to your Littleton home to determine the cause of your air conditioner’s issue, as well as suggest any necessary repairs before performing them.

Air Conditioning Installation

Have you recently built or moved into a new home? Are you considering installing an air conditioning system in your current home? In either case, Horizon Services of Littleton can determine the correct air conditioning system for your home’s unique cooling needs. Our installation technicians will make sure your air conditioning is as effective and energy-efficient as possible.

air conditioning maintenance littleton
cooling ac littleton

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A complete breakdown of your air conditioner means hot days, hotter nights, and possible health concerns for members of your family. To prevent total breakdown, consider active, preventive maintenance for your home’s air conditioning system. Our Littleton area technicians will perform routine inspections of every aspect of your air conditioning system, pinpoint problem spots before they need repair, and identify larger issues before your system breaks down.

Littleton Heating Services

It goes without saying that the most inconvenient time to experience a heater breakdown in Littleton is during the winter months. Unfortunately, heating system issues often aren’t identified until the weather cools down and clients turn on their heaters. Our Littleton area technicians can help you address a number of concerns with your heating system:

littleton heating repair service
littleton heating services

Heating Repair Service

A heating breakdown in the middle of winter can provide health risks for some populations, as well as result in long cold evenings for your family until the issue is fixed. However, our technicians can provide you with tips to identify issues before a breakdown occurs. Frequent signs a breakdown may take place are:

• A steadily rising energy bill. An inefficient or damaged heating system will have trouble properly heating your home to the temperature on your thermostat. As a result, it will run much more frequently and raise your heat bill in the process.

• An aging or outdated furnace. Older furnaces usually start to show wear, resulting in an increase in the number of repairs needed on a yearly basis. If you’ve noticed your furnace has needed many repairs recently, it may be a sign your furnace needs replaced.

• Your furnace is making odd noises. Strange noises are a common sign of a heater that may be in need of repair. Banging, thumping, rattling and rumbling noises are often cause to have your system assessed by a technician.

Heating Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the number one way you can avoid a costly, time-consuming furnace replacement. Technicians will arrive at your Littleton area home and perform a thorough inspection of your heating system and note any areas of concern or repairs that must be made. Any service issues will be presented to you before repairs take place, ensuring you are in control of your furnace’s repair schedule.

Heating Installation

Horizon Services of Littleton is proud to offer certified Trane systems for all your new build or furnace replacement needs. Our trained technicians are certified to install your new system and will aid you in selecting the furnace that is right for your home’s size and specifications. Each winter spent in your home should be a comfortable one, and Horizon Services can help.

littleton heater mainenance

Whether you own a new home or simply need to address heating, ventilation and air conditioning services in your existing home, Horizon Services of Littleton has an option for you. Our full-scale installation, maintenance, and repair services promise to keep Littleton homes safe and comfortable for seasons to come.

Schedule quality services today by contacting Horizon Services by phone or through our online contact form.

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